Спид лимит для euro truck simulator 2

Спид лимит для euro truck simulator 2

The European Truck Simulator 2 No Speed-Limit mod is a fix designed to help wanna-be truckers decide on their own speed while travelling the highways of Europe. The patch works with the second incarnation of the highly popular European Truck Simulator game.

The game comes complete with over sixty European cities, and the premise is to build up the most successful freight company, making collections and deliveries amongst other driving jobs, hiring other drivers to help out at busy times, and making as much money as possible. The game can feel very much like a role-playing game, just with trucks and driving instead of dragons and swordplay! Just as in real life, there are speed limits, with police cars and speed cameras lurking to catch the unwary trucker who ignores the rules of the road.

The game is not easy to master, with many players still feeling as though they need L-plates even after running through the in-game tutorial. Some practice and a few successful missions make all the difference, and the player is away, enjoying what has been said to be the most successful and realistic driving simulator game on the market.

While the graphics are clean and detailed, if the playing stops his or her truck to look around, the flaws in the background start to show, feeling stale and flat – very two-dimensional and unrealistic. Other traffic also seems unrealistic when viewed for too long. There is also the fact that the truck sustains no damage in the event of collisions which would make gameplay a little more exciting. But these problems fade away when the player keeps his or her vehicle moving. In general, the game is much improved on the first version, with a customisable radio, upgradable steering wheel and plenty of destinations to explore.

With its tremendous popularity, it comes as no surprise to learn that fans have created a wealth of mods and add-ons for the game, allowing other players to customise, embellish and otherwise enhance the game, nearly always for free. This mod is one of these, enabling players to allow their truck to drive at whatever speed they prefer. However, players must keep a sharp eye out for speed cameras and lurking police cars as the mod does not override the rules of the road altogether. That is to say: the player can choose to speed, but the game will attempt to quell this by catching the miscreant and sending him or her a virtual ticket!

The No Speed-Limit mod is free to download. The file is saved to the PC in a compressed file which needs to be extracted. Once the files are available, they must be transferred to a new file, which has been labelled: Documents\ Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod. Once this has been done, the next time the game is opened, the mod will be available (this process is similar for all player-created mods).


  • Free to use
  • Disables the cruise control in the truck, allowing the player to set his or her own speed


  • Player created so not officially supported (only an issue when there are problems – none known at this point)
  • Does not cancel out traffic laws

Source: euro-truck-simulator-2-no-speed-limit-mod.fileplanet.com

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