Спид бустер panasonic

Спид бустер panasonic

Pocket Speed Booster on The GH3 and GH4

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Disclaimer :Metabones and Aron J Anderson are not responsible for any damages made to your camera and or Speed Booster. This Nikon G to BMPCC Speed Booster was NOT made for any other camera but the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.Speed Booster adapters have adjustable glass which can sit closer or further away from the sensor to fine tune infinity focus. On some adapters this will mean potentially it will clash against the inner housing of the mount and be damaged if used on a Micro Four Thirds stills camera.

When I first got my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera I knew I was going to need the Metabones Speed booster because of the Pockets 3x crop sensor. But since I also have a Panasonic GH3 (which is also a micro 4/3rd mount camera) I did not know if I should get the Speed Booster especially made for the Pocket camera or the universal micro 4/3rd Speed Booster. It would be nice to be able to fit the Speed Booster and Nikon lenses on both of my cameras instead of buying two expensive Speed Boosters. And besides the one for the Pocket gives you an even wider field of view and 2/3rd stop faster then the universal micro 4/3rd Speed Booster.

So I went with the Pocket Speed Booster to give that must needed extra field of view, shallow depth of field and a brighter image. But I really wanted to use my Nikon lenses on my GH3 so I decided to get a dumb Nikon to micro 4/3rd adapter. Then I kept thinking man it would be nice to get a Speed Booster for the GH3 as well, to get that extra filed of view and a fstop more light. Then yesterday I was driving home and said. Why don’t the Pocket Speed Booster fit on the GH3? So I decided to get home and check it out. So after a little examining the GH3 and Pocket Speed Booster I did the unthinkable, I pushed the Pocket Speed Booster on to the GH3 and to my surprise it fit. I’m a happy camper. Before I tried this I searched the internet to see if anyone has already did this. Their were only a hand full of people that were talking about this. And just last night at then end of one blog someone was still asking if this works. So I decided to make a video showing that it really does work.

Their is one thing you must know: the Pocket Speed Booster will come in contact with the GH3 shutter guide. You must turn on the GH3 electronic shutter to keep the shutter from closing down on the Speed Booster while taking photos.

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